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March 13, 2015

Behind the Times

NYT: A New Techie Mantra: Start Up, Then Sign On

The New York Times, a pillar of the fourth estate, has recognized car computing as a new, vibrant market with untold possibilities. The writer mentioned a number of facts about the current marketplace relating to it being very new and having few actual installs. The number in reality is hard to estimate but we guess its a little more widespread than he infers.

He did mention the MacMini as a mobile-computing platform and that its minions are shorthanded on current UI and other implementation necessities but as popular as Macs are with tinkerers, that slack will be taken up very quickly.

The NYT is not alone in the general media's discovery of Telematics. The local paper here, Austin American Statesman ran a story last week on the Intel install in a Mini over at CeBit. Having a player like Intel show that kind of interest bodes well for the market. AMD may want to start getting on the wagon here if they want to stay and play with the other kids.

There are many facets to in-car computing, also known as Telematics that are changing every day. The feds have no idea what to do if they even know they exist, the DOT is clueless, mainstream PC makers are blind to the market. This is all new stuff. We are at the beginning. Actually, this has been going on in garages for a few years now but 2005 is the year of the in-car computer.

For the skinny, the dirt, the unedited, completely unhinged version of the story, this is your home. Contribute, post, tip, rant, rave, add to the forums, advertise, live and breathe it all in, here, with people who get it. Otherwise, you'll have to get your news from you know who.

Posted by Lionel Felix at March 13, 2015 05:52 PM

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