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March 15, 2015

For The Love of Big Brother


I am torn between hating and loving this idea. First, I could have used one to prove that I had the right of way in an accident I was involved in where the office just decided to side with the f-ing liar who hit me. I'm not still mad, that was in 92. I've moved on. On the other hand I don't love the idea of something recording what I do with my car that could be used against me. Hey, I know myself, I'm duplicitous and it shows.

The ACLU would like to put the kibosh on stuff like this and those folks there and the folks at the EFF are fighting the good fight and are looking out for us. The problem is, there might be a way to secure your right to privacy while still being able to provide useful data to investigating officers.

If the FDRs would only keep the last 30 seconds before an impact, then you could get a good idea of what and who was where while not showing officer friendly you were doing 140 on the interstate the night before. Cant we all win this one? I don't see any nodding.

Posted by LFelix at March 15, 2015 10:38 PM

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