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March 25, 2015

Hello Motorized

Xenarc and Lilliput, the two big dogs in touchscreen mobile monitors have yet to bless the unworthy masses with an in-dash motorized 7/8" screen. I suspect that they are hesitant to get into the moving parts business as people tend to get hamfisted with their gadetry and the concept of an entire RMA department crying might outweigh the neato, first-to-market factor. Ok, I feel ya.

Having said that, people still demand them, still hack them together and even threaten to make kits so non IEEE members can share in the love. The waiting has ended with the arrival of a kit that an avid reader of Popular Science might not mess up. Readers of US and People may want the non pocket protector model, complete unit.

DigitalWorldWide Has a kit that fits just the Lilliput screen, the most popular unit people will already have. Thats a good option for those who pined long into the night for an in-dash, broke down and got the regular one and in-dash models came out right after. Now the options abound. Keep in mind that anything with a motor is in a state of entropy and is just waiting to fail. That goes for all things but motorized rams, pivots, gears, its just a waiting game. If you decide to get one, be gentle with it.

Posted by LFelix at March 25, 2015 11:02 AM

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