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April 29, 2015

It's in there


I feel like I'm looking at a modern art piece and someone expects me to tell them what I think it means. I honestly don't know. Blaupunkt has always made cool car stereo stuff but I'm not exactly sure how a $100K+ fiberglass and neon light fast and furiouser acura drives their marketing message. If you know, please educate me. I like to get my learn on.

A friend sent this link to me. I am pretty sure I see a computer in there but its hard to tell as the interior has more lights than that stock footage of Tokyo you always see in movies. I did notice the transformer stickers on the interior so I am guessing that it's a 130db boulevard shaker at night and a crime fighter during the day. Ok, cool, glad we worked that out. Phew, I was worried for a minute that the car didnt make sense.

Posted by LFelix at April 29, 2015 06:33 PM

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