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May 10, 2015

Day 1 - Carbot PC Install

Ok, this is the third time I am writing this article. Movable Type has "refreshed" the page twice on me and I've just about lost my mind. I don't know what just happened but at this point nothing is going to calm me down other than just telling the story. I've opted to write it in Outlook this time, we'll see how this one works out.

The project car, my 04 Yukon is no stranger to cosmetic surgery. I've replaced the grille with a Stull insert, had the grill bezel matched to the body paint, replaced the headlights and had all of the signal lights tinted. It has a sort of scary secret service look to it. After the external work was done (no dubs yet) I installed an AUX adapter to add 2 more inputs to the factory head unit. The install was simple, it plugged directly into the head unit from behind. I mounted my iPod to the dash using a Panavice dash mount made for Yukons and Suburbans. I hacked apart the Belkin iPod mount and screwed that to the panavice. It made a neat stand for the iPod but I knew that was not nearly the end of the line.

Since I received my shiny new CarbotPC last week I have been chomping at the bit to get it installed. The first thing I tackled was getting the monitor installed. I wanted to get dash hacking out of the way first so I could focus on the back of the car, where the majority of the work is. The monitor was relatively easy. The only complication was getting the monitor mount to mate up with the Panavice. After some sawing, sanding screwing and jiggling, it was standing proud.

Once the monitor was in place, I routed the cables back through the dash and down to the center console, one of the main cable intersections for this project. I ran an audio cable from the aux back to the rear wheel well area and left room for the remaining cables to follow the same route.

I removed the interior panels using a nifty body panel tool I purchased off the gods of EBay a few years back. There is nothing worse than having to pay $5 for a body panel fastener after you destroyed it using a screw driver. You know I'm talking to you.

After mounting the monitor, running audio cables, running monitor cables, getting the front of the car nearly finished I gazed rearwards at the daunting task of fabricating a mount to properly hold the CarbotPC. The mount, something I have not completely conceptualized yet will be something akin to a cantilevered engine mount. I plan to find some silicone rounds to use as anti-vibration mounting to keep the HD and components happy. The gaping hole in the rear of my car will taunt me until I figure out this little issue. Sure I can weld something together in an hour that will hold it but that's not me. I have to overcomplicate it. Once I spend $200 on mounting hardware I'll go back and re-mount the video screen in the center console. Weee! Cant wait for day 2.

It looks like I have outfoxed Movable Type this time. I think I've learned my lesson whatever that is.
-Lionel Felix

Posted by LFelix at May 10, 2015 11:48 PM

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Ok - lets see some of that stuff in action already! What apps do you find most useful in the car?

Posted by: Cracker at May 12, 2015 11:00 AM

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