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October 18, 2015

Is Your Cell Phone A Government Spy? Yup.

Conspiracy theorists, get your tin foil hat ready, your time has come.

More and more municipalities are using the public as their own traffic sensor network. It seems that your cell phone is a useful traffic tool that can give real-time granular visual data about traffic flow. Not bad, it seems like a direct rip-off from that Bil Paxton disaster, Twister. Remember Dorothy, that barrel that spewed out little GPS sensors into the tornado? Similar concept here. The problem here is the system can also act as a Where's Waldo with anyone who has a cell phone. The idea that big brother can pin-point you on a map is just one kidnapping away from legal precedent. Oh sure "they" will tell you it's all anonymous and they would never violate your civil rights by tracking your whereabouts. But one day someone will get kidnapped. The person kidnapped may have a call phone. The district atty and the chief of detectives get together and get a judge to break the rules, just this once, to save a life. And the flood gates open. One more civil right sold wholesale.

Hey look at the bright side, now the department of traffic will be able to know how congested the roads are. Not that they would actually DO anything with that data, but at least they'll know. And we can see the clear value in that, right?

Posted by Lionel Felix at October 18, 2015 03:24 PM

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