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October 10, 2015

Viva La Revolution - Bluetooth Ad Spam


The end is neigh. Every day I am hassled by Nigerians trying to "wire" me $20,000,000.00 , Croats using mortgage scams to try to steal my identity, Russians trying to "sell" (steal my credit card info) me Cialis. I don't even know what it is buy they want me to have it. Bad(ly).

I bought a Tivo because commercials are irritating and stupid aside from interrupting my enjoyment of Lost. I screen all of my phone calls because I don't like having people willy-nilly decide to dominate my time at their whim. I install ad-blocking host files to stop on-line ads. My network has a firewall to keep out hackers. I have 3 layers of small filtration on my email accounts. This blog uses a filter to stop the deluge of trackback and comment spam which is aimed to redirect you people from this site to some off-shore gambling (fixed so you lose and so they can steal your credit card info). I listen to XM radio not because I don't like local radio (I actually don't like local radio) but because the stations here play commercials 22 minutes per hour.

What's the theme here. We are bombarded from every angle. We have to gouge out a safe haven from marketers. I envy those people on that island in Lost. They don't have to deal with spam, automated phone calls, junk mail etc. We're overstimulated by the deluge of both fraudulent and "legitimate" advertising. The government passed some laws making it illegal to call people on do-not-call lists etc. There are ways to "opt out" but in the end, its only a small finger in a very big dike.

I will sometimes use this forum to talk about other things going on in technology. Things I think people want to know. A new technology is being launched and it's going to be a problem. This new marketing annoyance tool is going to make people hate bluetooth and it's going to drive bluetooth phone makers into a decision. Do they make their phones so you can ignore this sort of junk or do they lose customers. The minute this stuff goes on-line people are going to do a few things. Please listen close, because it takes a village to lay the smack-down. The first thing people will do is complain. The someone will sue based on the telemarketing laws that make SMS ads illegal. That may fail. People will start to complain to the phone makers saying that they want to be left alone and they need to send out fixes or new phones. Then the magic happens (you people are part of this). People reverse engineer the system and fight back. Anti-bluetooth jammers are cobbled together from cheap radio-shack parts, blocking these signals. People start to hack into these billboards and tear out the insides or even better, hack in and change the message.

People, our right to be left the hell alone is about to be kicked in the mouth. Call these people and tell them that this is not OK. Make this a fight we win against the marketing people. Let us not lay down like sheep before the wolves of the corporate capitalism machine. Where is Che when you need him?

Posted by Lionel Felix at October 10, 2015 06:09 PM

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