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December 05, 2015

Linux Car PC Software, Because Life Isn't Hard Enough Already


I love Linux. I do. I love everything about it. Well almost. I swear it's almost as if Linux developers put up a barrier that prevents casual use. Simply put, if your not interested in learning the gory details of the Linux Kernel, you're not worthy to even run it. Go ahead, try to install and use it. Go ahead and try to install a driver. I dare you. Unless you're wearing some form of the Linux penguin on your attire at all times, the OS is damn near impossible. It's like MENSA, for computer folk. Before the flames begin, lets pause a moment to take an honest inventory of the Linux OS. Is it MEANT to be user friendly. No. It's a power OS, not a shiny mushy squishy OS that shields you from all but the most basic configurations. Mac OSX is an interesting amalgam of the former and the latter and somehow ended up being powerful yet squishy. We'll forgo the Windows analysis as that ground is well covered.

So for those of you who enjoy Kernel debugging and want to wedge a little Linux box into your car, there are precious few options. Car PC Development Kit 0.2.1 seems to be an interesting solution but since I don't have access to a Penguin powered computer I'll have to take their word for it. If you have any experience / screen shots send them along.

Posted by Lionel Felix at December 5, 2015 02:20 PM

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